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More ways to earn money 💰


As a Shopper, you have access to different incentives that you can use to boost your regular order earnings. Any tips earned while an incentive is active will always be earned in addition to your incentive amount.

Types of Incentives:

  1. New Shopper Guarantees
  2. Order Guarantees
  3. Multipliers
  4. Hourly Guarantees
  5. Consecutive Order Guarantees

💸Guarantees are a great way to assure guaranteed minimum earnings; however, they are not mandatory. Guarantees are not fixed and will change week by week, depending on demand and location. Incentives also vary from city to city.


🏆 Rewards are extra payouts that are added to your existing earnings. Whether your earnings include other incentives or not, rewards are always paid out in addition to existing earnings. Rewards can only be claimed by Shoppers who've received the reward offer directly from Cornershop and are completing orders in the specified city or zone.

Types of Rewards:

  1. Referral Rewards
  2. Consecutive Order Challenge
  3. Do X Get Y Rewards
  4. Accepted Order Rewards

If you have more questions, you can write to us using the Help Form.