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Referral Rewards

Referral rewards encourage Shoppers to invite their friends to sign up with Cornershop and earn an extra earnings reward while they're at it. 

How does it work? 

To see the minimum orders required by your referral and what your reward will be, please visit the Referrals tab of your Shopper Center.

How to refer someone:

Go to the Referrals section of your Shopper Center. There, you'll find your personal referral link that you can use to refer people to sign up as a Shopper.

Once you've shared your link and someone has used it to sign up, you'll get a confirmation email with the referral's name and the amount you'll earn when they complete their minimum required amount of orders. 

Referrals and Rewards:

You can view all of your referrals and their progress in the Referrals tab of the Shopper Center.

Reward Payment:

After your referral completes the required orders, the referral reward will be added in the Earnings tab of the Shopper Center. The reward amount varies based on the city and time the referral signed up, but you'll be able to see your reward amount in the confirmation email you get when the referral signs up. 

Cannot find my referral:

If the referral does not appear in your Shopper Center, it is because they did not sign up through your link.

Important to keep in mind: If your referral applies and does not use your link, the referral reward payment will not be added to your account. 

If you have more questions, you can write to us using the Help Form