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New Shopper Guarantees

As a new Shopper, you have access to an exclusive guarantee incentive during your first week. This incentive guarantees that you will earn a specific minimum amount, no matter what your order earnings are, as long as you complete a set amount of orders

How does the New Shopper Guarantee work?

  1. Connect to the app during your first 7 days as a Shopper and complete the set order amount.
  2. If your base earnings after completing your set amount of orders is less than the guarantee amount, you'll be paid the difference to bump you up to the guaranteed amount. 

What are base earnings? Any earnings made from your regular earnings plan. If your regular earnings plan has been offered a multiplier, this will still count as base earnings.

Frequently Asked Questions 🤔

Where can I track my completed orders? You can find your completed orders in the Shopper Center, but the New Shopper Guarantee will not be listed under your incentives tab.

For more information on other guarantees, visit the Incentives section in the FAQ of the Shopper Center. We recommend also keeping an eye out on your email inbox, as you might receive an email when more guarantees become available. 

Can I see an example scenario?

New Shopper Guarantee Example: Earn at least $120 for completing your first 6 orders in your first week.

Scenario 1: You've earned $90 in base earnings and $20 in tips

Scenario 2: You've earned $90 in base earnings with no tips

Scenario 3: You've earned $130 in base earnings

What are some important tips to keep in mind?

• The set amount of orders must all be completed within your first 7 days as a Shopper

• Tips are earned on top of this guarantee

Where is the New Shopper Guarantee offered?

• Atlanta • Dallas-Fort Worth • Fort Lauderdale • Houston •

• Jacksonville • Miami • New York City • North Jersey • Orlando • Tampa • San Francisco •

If you have more questions, you can write to us using the Help Form