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Do X Get Y Rewards

Do X get Y is a reward incentive that assures you a set minimum earning amount for completing orders within a specific time window and fulfilling certain requirements. This reward is added on top of your base earnings, including any earnings affected by a guarantee or multiplier.

Frequently Asked Questions 🤔

Can I see an example scenario?

Do X Get Y Rewards Example: complete 25 orders in 4 days to earn a $300 reward.

Scenario 1:

What are base earnings? Any earnings made from your regular earnings plan. If your regular earnings plan has been offered a multiplier, this will still count as base earnings.

What are some important tips to keep in mind?

Keep an eye out on your email inbox as you might receive an email when more guarantees become available. 

Where are Do X Get Y Rewards offered?

• Atlanta • Dallas-Fort Worth • Fort Lauderdale • Houston •

• Jacksonville • Miami • New York City • North Jersey • Orlando • Tampa • San Francisco •

If you have more questions, you can write to us using the Help Form.